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Are you outsourcing your HR operations?

Nowadays, the term outsourcing is increasingly becoming a norm in the corporate world. As a matter of fact, HR operations are one of those areas that are usually outsourced to external vendors. In truth, the scope of HR is quite wide. So, its not always easy so discern which precise functions are best outsourced.

Generally, HR caters for things like recruitment, payroll, benefits and compensations, and other functions that can be automated or even outsourced. Meanwhile, HR is also responsible for things like developing the company’s culture and building strong work teams; which can neither be automated nor outsourced. Outsourcing those HR functions that can be outsourced would normally help the HR crew to focus on those areas where they get to strengthen the organization from within. Let’s look at a few areas in which you can outsource your HR operations.

Payroll and tax related services

Time and time again, HR professionals have highlighted payroll as one of their biggest challenges. The task is time-intensive, and requires a great deal of concentration. Some vendors provide automated solutions that make it possible for you to schedule deposits; manage paid offs; keep adequate records; and so on. Therefore, hiring vendors to worry about those not very interesting parts of the job wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Benefits administration

Making sure your employees understand the details of their benefits options can be a herculean task. Outsourced vendors are able to avail businesses some of the high-quality benefits that are normally enjoyed only by very big organizations.


The process of recruitment can be very cumbersome. Filtering the thousands of applications is only the first of the worries. Worrying about inviting applicants for an interview, and the whole process of running interviews can be very clumsy. If you’re not willing to have applicants flooding through your facility, then you should consider outsourcing your recruitment process.


In the eyes of some people, the process of onboarding is not very necessary. Meanwhile, without proper onboarding, an employee might take unnecessarily long to fully understand the purpose of his role within the organization. And considering the fact that it falls within their scope, outsourced vendors tend to have structures in place to make it possible for new employees to have a seamless onboarding into his/her new role.

Leave management

As petty as it may seem, leave management can be a very big deal when it comes to big organizations. Rather than have arguments or backs and forths over issues related to leave, this aspect of HR can be outsourced to vendors who have vast experience in the field.

Regardless of the size of your organization, you should never shut your mind to the idea of outsourcing some or all of your HR operations. When you outsource part of your HR duties, you immediately avail yourself more time and resources that can be allocated to other aspects of your endeavour. The mere fact that you’re able to rid yourself of all the clumsy HR functions that can distract you is a plus to your business. That way, you’re able to focus on delivering optimum value to your customers.

Adewoye Ademuyiwa
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