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5 Things You Should Know About HR Managers That They’ll Never Admit

As an employee, never should there be a time when you underestimate the HR manager. They are way more influential than you can imagine. Whether you like it or not, the guys in the HR department have the capacity to impact your career. In decisions ranging from promotion to compensation, the role of the HR should never be underestimated. Therefore, you’re better off if the HR doesn’t have any reservation against you. The following tips would help you further understand how to relate with your HR:

Remember that the HR works for the organization and not for you

It is true that the HR strives to help employees. However, the sole reason why the HR is there in the first place is to because of the company, and not because of you. So, before you get angry about the cut in the benefits package; or you get too emotional about the employees who were laid off during the restructuring; you must first understand that the company pays the HR, you don’t.

Keep in mind that all employees are not treated equally

As much as HR managers would emphasize that everyone is talented and valued, the pointers do not suggest this to be true. In the majority of big organizations, employees are profiled into various categories – for instance, “high potential”.

In most cases, employees are not aware of these profiling. More so, wouldn’t know for sure within what category your superior has placed you. However, this profiling can determine your chances of getting an increase in pay or a promotion. When it comes to the treatment of employees, organizations will claim that their policies allow for equality. However, an exception can always be granted when the case warrants. And this exception is what leads us to the next point.

The HR’s perception of you matters a lot

s much as your growth lies in the hands of your manager, you must understand that the HR can have a huge impact on your career – either positively or negatively. Whatever it is the HR thinks of you, he will tell the management team when the need for it warrants. The management would normally consult the HR when they need to make a decision on who gets a promotion; who should go represent the organization at an international event; whose name should be included on a high-profile committee. As much as you might think it’s proper for them to make such recommendations devoid of emotions, it’s even better to be on their good side.

Before vacancies are announced within the organization, the HR is always the first to know. Therefore, if you’re hoping to be recommended and considered for opportunities, you must be on the good side of your HR.

Be careful what you discuss with HR

As much as you might be eager to build a relationship with your HR, you should be sure to know your boundaries. Never assume that the private conversations you have with your HR is confidential. It’s normal to request for the details of a conversation to remain confidential. However, if it’s really meant to be secret, you should keep it to yourself. 

Share love with the HR

Every now and then, employees approach their HR managers to lodge their complaints and dissatisfactions. Many times, employees see HR meetings as a waste of time. It just happens that HR is a department that always receives critical feedback. You should show love to the people in HR. If it is genuine, they would feel it, and they would reciprocate.

Femi Oduola
Lead Developer
Aledoy Solutions

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